Rental Process

What to expect...

Consultations - I fully operate out of my home in Lake Stevens and all consultations are appointment only.  I always recommend doing a consultation so you can see all of my inventory and be able to see what you'll be renting. 

Estimate/Invoice - After your consultation an estimate will be sent out to you with all the items discussed. When you have accepted the estimate the invoice will be sent out, along with a contract.

Deposit/Payment - A non-refundable 30% deposit will be required in order to hold the date. Full payment will be required 4 weeks prior to your event and you will be required to save a credit card on file to rent any items. 

Delivery/Pickup - I offer both options to pickup or have your rentals delivered. There are a couple of items that will always require delivery due to the antique nature of the items. Pickup can be done the day before and returned the day after. Deliveries are flexible to accommodate your event schedule. 

Returns - After rentals are returned they will be carefully inspected to ensure no damage has occurred. In the case of damage you will be charged the full replacement price listed on your contract. Most of my inventory is antique and is not easily repaired or easy to find a replacement and that is why a total replacement fee will be charged. 


Photo by: Jon Kaplan Photography
Photo by: Jon Kaplan Photography